Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why Did You Make The Leap: Oana Hogrefe, Photographer

Recently I ask for some entrepreneurs to share why and how they made the leap from the j-o-b to starting their own business...

I have been pursuing a safe (although difficult) high-tech/science path for many years. I hold a PhD in Physics, and have been holding corporate positions in the IT/software industry for 9 years.

I decided to become an entrepreneur when I realized that the way I spent my waking hours needs to reflect my passions, priorities and what brings me joy. The corporate ladder has its advantages, but it can also feel constricting and many of the limitations are out of ones control.

I am now a full time owner of a boutique photography studio in Atlanta, and I love the feeling of being able to have my business be an authentic extension of myself, my beliefs, priorities, personality and passions..

For people who are looking into owning their own business, here are a few pieces of advice: avoid paralysis by analysis. Move forward daily, even if with small steps. You will never be completely perfectly ready to make the leap. You will not replace your previous income right away. Growing a business takes determination, focus and action. Be a little better every time. Deliver exceptional products or services. Align your actions with your passion, and people will appreciate your genuine spirit.

Oana Hogrefe

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