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If you are looking for more information about Nadine and this whole Power of CARE Project, this is the right place.  This will be an ever changing page as I provide you with the monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily changes of this project. 


So who is this Nadine Owens Burton person?    Well that's me in elementary school.  I've changed a little since then.

To start you can read my bio.  And you can learn a little more about me and my company by visiting my Owens Burton Consulting website.  Plus, if you follow me on twitter or facebook you can learn a little more. 


So what am I doing.   I am doing what countless businesses and organizations are trying to do...raise money to expand my business and hire staff.  I'm creating my own personal economic stimulus package.

If you have done a google search of "crowd-funding" or "sponsorship" you will find many companies that help artists and authors, non-profits and small businesses obtain funding in this way.  I'm doing the same thing just without a third party.  I may decide to use one or two of these sites later, but I've had an online store for my business from the beginning so I figured why not just use what I already have.

Michael Michalowicz -- the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur -- talked about raising funds for your business in one of his recent video episodes.  He suggested pre-selling.  I'm not exactly pre-selling, but I am selling a product -- T-shirts -- in an effort to raise capital for expansion and hiring staff.  

OAR - How To Raise Funds from Obsidian on Vimeo.

Thus the T-Shirts for Jobs Campaign was born.


Well, I guess there are two sets of Why's to answer.  Why am I doing this? ...and... Why should you participate? 

Why am I doing this?

Did you ever read that book, Good to Great by Jim Collins?  Aside from the wealth of information and insights into what makes a company make that leap from good to great, one of the things it makes one ask is, Why build a great company? 

Why not build something that's just okay?  Why not just stay at good?  Do you have to start an endeavor with the intention of creating something great?  You'll have to read the book to know Jim Collins' answer, but I'll tell you mine...If you plan to create something and build it over time, why not make it great.  Well here's the thing about building something great...it takes resources.

So the answer to "Why am I doing this?" is because I want to build something great.  I think The Power of CARE is a great tool and framework for creating success, and I know it can help a lot of people if I have a chance to expand my reach.  In order to do that, I am willing to put forth the effort to raise the funds to accomplish that goal.

The dollars raised will enable me to first and foremost -- HIRE PEOPLE!!!!

You can't build a great company alone.  And I'm not afraid to admit I NEED HELP!!!  I can't develop the products and services and also be the sales person and serve my clients well all at the same time.

Likewise, as I build the business I will be able to (1) self publish the first book in a planned series, (2) develop and produce a companion online community/magazine and (3) produce a book promotion and speaking tour that will serve as a fund raising project for several non-profit organizations. 

Why should you participate?

Well at the very least, if you like the design of either of the T-shirts, I hope to you purchase one.

Then, if you have any desire to help a small business and create jobs, I hope you will buy a T-shirt.

Plus, this project is not just about me.  I'm hoping it will benefit two organizations that have meant a lot to me over the years, that I have worked with and I care about.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit these two organizations that impact the lives of children and families:  The Maryland Head Start Association and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware.


As in, "How's it going?"   We've only just begun so there is not a lot to tell yet.  Come back here periodically if you'd like to see updates on how the T-Shirts for Jobs Project is going.  I will provide semi-regular updates of our status as well as profiles of some of the people who have supported it. 

Stay tuned!!!

You've got questions, I've got answers. Leave a message below and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.


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