Thursday, June 9, 2011

Social Media Efforts

Well, there was a time when I was actually trying to do this thing called social media on a regular basis.  It had its fun times, but it also was a lot a of work that seemed to take me away from other work. 

After a looooong hiatus from blogging and tweeting and facebooking -- I'm trying to ease myself back into it.  The goal it to come up with a schedule or plan of action that makes sense. 

One of these things I came up with is a strategy I heard some writers do.  Commit to one page a day.  I read once of this author who says she commits herself to writing at least one page a day.  On some days, that page comes out in less than five minutes and she ends up on a roll and might do ten, twenty pages.  On other days that one page might take 12 plus hours. 

I certainly don't have 12 plus hours to commit to social media each day, but I am committed that my "one page" will be that I will do at least on social media activity each day.  Like that writer, there may be days when I get on a roll and become inspired by an event in my life or an epiphany of brilliance may occur that I feel I have to share with the world.  But I know on most days, it might just be one tweet, one facebook post, one viral video on YouTube....or one blog post.   Can you guess what my "one page" is today?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Looking for presenters

Hello All

One of my clients, the Maryland Head Start Association, is having its third annual Fall Networking Conference in Novemeber 2011 and has issued its RFP and pre-conference booklet seeking vendors and sponsors, etc.

Check out their site for more information.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Baaaack!!!!

Well that was one loooooong nap.

Seriously, my last post in October of 2010 was at the end of my 26 hour marathon and I was tired.  But I also was realizing that that event had been like my business:  there was so much I wanted to do, but that I didn't get done because I couldn't do it alone.  I needed help that day.  I need help now.  I need employees!

But when you are a small business and you make the realization that it is time to hire staff one of the biggest obstacles, besides letting the control freak in you take a break -- is figuring out how you're going to pay for it.

Hiring staff is expensive.  Not only the search part, but also the training period.  And lets face it, while most business people will agree that all of your employees should be either making you or saving you money, at the begining they cost you money.  So where does a small business in this economy get the funds to hire staff?

Well for me.  I had one big idea that went nowhere.  (We won't talk about that)  And then I had another big idea that equally fizzled.

So then I decided to make it more simple....T-Shirts for Jobs
I decided to sell T-shirts that have graphics about one of my most popular quality improvement theme...The Power of CARE.    I'd use the proceeds to help fund hiring new staff to help me grow my business.

And I decided to bring a couple of organizations I care about along with me for the ride.  So a portion of the proceeds will go to the Maryland Head Start Association and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware.