I Know the Power of CARE

My local newspaper has this great feature -- your small town newspaper probably has it too -- where you take your picture with a copy of the paper and send it in and they publish it in the paper.

Well here's my version...If you purchase a Power of CARE T-shirt.  Take a picture of yourself wearing it, or have the shirt placed in some special location -- let's be PG with this -- and send it to me.
There are two ways to get it to me...Email or Facebook


Send the picture to me at nadine[at]owensburton[dot]com with Where is the POC in the subject line.

If you are a business owner or fellow blogger and have a website, put the URL in the email too so that I can link to your site. (I'm a firm believe in shameless self promotion of all kinds!) Plus, if there is a story behind the location, give me a few words so I can add that too.

The picture has to be in the body of the email, no attachments please. Been burned before, haven't you?


Add your picture to the Owens Burton Consulting fan page on Facebook.  I'll then take it off there and add it to this blog.

It goes without saying, please do not send me anything that is offensive and I reserve the right not to post any thing I don't care for.

and then there's Video

Even better, take a video of yourself saying "I know the Power of CARE"!  Or telling the world what you care about and how it shows.

Post it on YouTube or some other video sharing site that allows me to embed the video on my blog site.

Then leave a post on the Owens Burton Consulting fan page on Facebook.  I'll then post it here on this blog. 

Don't forget to mention your company or blog URL in the video if you have one.