Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's 9 AM!

Yeah.  I'm going to go take a nap.

Thank you to all those who helped contribute to this day, both as guest, contributors and behind the scences.


More Company

Now my son is up.  He would have gotten up earlier if we hadn't made it a rule a long ago that he can't get up and go into the den - where the video game is -- until at least 7 AM. 

You know how they say there is a law against something because at least one time someone tried to do it?   For example, in Devon, Texas, it is against the law to make furniture while you are nude.  Now I have no doubt that this law came about because someone tried to do it and someone else got offended.

Well we have our video game timetable rule because after we bought a video game we caught my son downstairs playing it at 5:30 am in the morning.


I'm Not Alone In the Dining Room Anymore

My husband is now up and across the dining room table from me.  We have dueling laptops.

I think he just snickered at me.


Why Did You Make The Leap: Oana Hogrefe, Photographer

Recently I ask for some entrepreneurs to share why and how they made the leap from the j-o-b to starting their own business...

I have been pursuing a safe (although difficult) high-tech/science path for many years. I hold a PhD in Physics, and have been holding corporate positions in the IT/software industry for 9 years.

I decided to become an entrepreneur when I realized that the way I spent my waking hours needs to reflect my passions, priorities and what brings me joy. The corporate ladder has its advantages, but it can also feel constricting and many of the limitations are out of ones control.

I am now a full time owner of a boutique photography studio in Atlanta, and I love the feeling of being able to have my business be an authentic extension of myself, my beliefs, priorities, personality and passions..

For people who are looking into owning their own business, here are a few pieces of advice: avoid paralysis by analysis. Move forward daily, even if with small steps. You will never be completely perfectly ready to make the leap. You will not replace your previous income right away. Growing a business takes determination, focus and action. Be a little better every time. Deliver exceptional products or services. Align your actions with your passion, and people will appreciate your genuine spirit.

Oana Hogrefe

CARE-a-thon Part Deux

I am too tired to be brilliant.  :-)

Just like when I do my trainings, I had so much I wanted to convey... Especially about The Power of CARE. All of the things I wanted but didn't get a chance to -- until I was too tired to do them justice -- will have to wait for another day.

Now that I have a better understanding of YouTube, I'll definately use it more.  Be on the look out for more YouTube videos from me. I've decided that this blog needs more information about how the Power of CARE relates to all aspects of our lives...everything we care about.

Is it 9 AM yet?  Not even close...


Monitoring Social Media

Well I've spent the last few hours montinoring my social media presence.  I've been posting and linking the CARE-a-thon videos on various pages and sites.  This one part marketing event, one part experiment has produced some interesting results.  Maybe I'll let you in on them when I'm not sleep deprived and can be more coherent.

This Is Why Hospitals Make Mistakes

Because the staff are all sleep deprived.   How in the world can you do a 24 or 36 hour shift?

Midnight Musings

It's after midnight. What's on my mind after 17 hours of this social media marathon?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mr & Mrs Smith's Employment Survival Guide

Tips on how to navigate the interview process from husband and wife team Odie and Daval Smith.

Do You Need Someone to Help You Rescue Your Resume?

I had a great talk with someone who cares about resumes even more than I do. So much so, she helps people make theirs better.

For more information about Lauren's company, visit her website.

The Art and Technology of Photography

Even with all the modern technology, taking a great picture is an art.

I took a few moments to talk with photographer Scott Hewitt about his art and some of the new technology that is added new demensions to his work.

For more information about 360 degree phtography, visit Scott's websites.

The 6 Aspects of Beauty

Amanda Schwab has written a book to help women attain greater understanding about beauty. All aspects of beauty.

For more information about Woman Beautiful, visit the website at

Career Sudoku

I had a great talk about strategically planning ones career with author Adriana Llames.

For more information about Career Sudoku visit the website.

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...and Bloggers... Go Awry.

When I do my trainings and seminars, so often I end up having too much information to cover in the allotted time.  I do not want to do less than the time agreed upon.  Well, it seems I did the same for this Power of CARE-a-thon. 

I had quite a few segments that I wanted to do during the day, but I guess I will have to move them to this evening.  I scheduled more interviews than I could humanly do alone and still create my real time videos on my Flip camera.

It just goes to show you that those small business people who seem to have so much of a social media presence, probably have a little help.  Even with technology, it can take up a lot of your time.

Oh well.  While everyone is asleep at my house tonight, I'll be talking into a camera.   I was going to be up any way.  :-)

UPDATE:  No, I wasn't talking into a camera all night.  Too tired.  Will do those segments another day(s).

"The Celebritizer"

You know I love a great interview. When it comes to this blog, I want to be sure I am being a good interviewer. In addition, in those times I am the guest, I also want to make a good impression.

If you do too, you should take a few tips from Gayl Murphy, "The Celebritizer" who has done more than 14,000 interviews and has literally written the book on how to be a great interview that the media seeks out.

For more information about Gayl and her book, visit her at her website.

Socks n Undies Sunday

An example of everyday philanthropy...

Little Helping Hands

Another great conversation with Marissa Vogel of Little Helping Hands.

Check out her other interview.

Interview with the Bliss Mistress

Bliss Mistress, Edie Weinstein and a few other great women are coming to Philadelphia today, but she took a few moments to talk to me.

For more information about Amazing Woman's Days across the country go to

For more information about Edie, visit her website at

Welcome to the CARE-A-THON!

Good Morning Everyone

Welcome to my 26-hour Social Media Marathon....the Power of CARE-A-THON.

Well this is the first of many blog posts today.  I was suppose to have a video, but I'll have to post that later.  Murphy's Law I have had technical difficulties this morning already.

But stay tuned.  We have several interviews planned and I have a great deal to share with you about The Power of CARE. 

See ya,


UPDATE:  Obviously got the video working and posted.  :-)

7 AM First Video | Power of CARE-a-thon

Yes, it is still dark outside. And since I have'nt done my hair and make-up yet, I was not concerned about adjusting the lighting. :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dignity Through Underwear: An Interview with Socks'n Undies Sunday's Jennifer Maulsby

Remember what your mother used to say about always putting on clean underwear?  Well for some it is not always possible to do as mom said. 

For those balancing the challenges of homelessness, in addition to trying to obtain shelter and food each day, many must also deal with how to maintain a semblance of normalcy in their personal attire.

In many homeless shelters, next to the food pantry is also a clothes closet that continually needs replenishing.  This is where people like Jennifer Maulsby and the Socks'nUndies Sunday Program comes to the rescue.

I recently had an opportunity to talk to Jennifer about her organization  -- Everyday Philanthrophy -- and its signature program, Socks'n Undies Sunday.

For more information about the Socks n Undies Program, visit their website at

Monday, October 11, 2010

Making Community Service a Family Affair: An Interview with Marissa Vogel

If we are civic minded parents and invest in our community through volunteerism, we hope that we instill that message of "giving back" to our children.  Yet, there is an even better way to develop that belief and practice in our children....INVOLVE THEM.

Anyone in education knows that we all learn differently.  Some of us can hear something once and retain it.  Others need to visualize it.  Still others need to have a hands on experience for the lessons to sink in.  The lesson of community service and volunteerism is one that doesn't have to wait until it's a high school graduation requirement.  It can start in early childhood. 

I had a wonderful talk with Marissa Vogel --  the founder and executive director of Little Helping Hands in Austin, Texas -- who shares this belief and put forth the effort to make family community service easier in her community.

For more information about Little Helping Hands, visit their website.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Power of CARE and Co-Parenting

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Co-Parenting Matters -- a blog talk radio program about co-parenting.  Thank you to Deesha and Mike, the co-founders of and to Talibah who started the website.

This was a chance to use the Power of CARE framework on the subject of co-parenting.

Listen to internet radio with Co-Parenting Matters on Blog Talk Radio