Monday, October 11, 2010

Making Community Service a Family Affair: An Interview with Marissa Vogel

If we are civic minded parents and invest in our community through volunteerism, we hope that we instill that message of "giving back" to our children.  Yet, there is an even better way to develop that belief and practice in our children....INVOLVE THEM.

Anyone in education knows that we all learn differently.  Some of us can hear something once and retain it.  Others need to visualize it.  Still others need to have a hands on experience for the lessons to sink in.  The lesson of community service and volunteerism is one that doesn't have to wait until it's a high school graduation requirement.  It can start in early childhood. 

I had a wonderful talk with Marissa Vogel --  the founder and executive director of Little Helping Hands in Austin, Texas -- who shares this belief and put forth the effort to make family community service easier in her community.

For more information about Little Helping Hands, visit their website.

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