Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interview with Grant Harris of Image Granted

It's so amusing to me that in recent years, men who have shown an obvious choice to put forth some effort in their grooming and attire have gotten so much attention.  It has even warranted new vocabulary...can you say metrosexual

I guess my perspective is very different. For me, men putting forth some effort to look well groomed was just a given.  I grew up with a father who knew how to dress and dress well. In fact, it wasn't until I was in college that I recalled seeing my father in a pair of jeans. Between him and my mother, I'd much rather have gone shopping with him.  He had better taste and wasn't afraid to pay for quality.  He knows his stuff.  To this day if he asks me if I know of a certain designer and I say no he looks at me with a "how could you not know" look. He taught me what it meant to purchase "investment pieces" and how to build up an accessories wardrobe. I learned a long time ago, that although clothes don't make the person, you say a lot about yourself by the package you present to the world through your choice of attire.

So when I had the chance to talk with image consultant, Grant Harris, who specializes in helping men develop and improve their personal style, it wasn't hard for me to appreciate the work that he does.  For although many things may be obvious to folks like me and my father, there are still many a male out there who could use their own session of What Not to Wear.

I hope you enjoy our talk.


For more information about Grant Harris and his company, Image Granted, LLC of Washington DC, contact him at corporate@imagegranted.com.

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