Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teaching Entrepreneurship -- An interview with NFTE Leaders

Across this country, non-profit organizations are meeting their mission of helping to improve their communities. They are meeting these quality improvement and outcome goals through the generous contributions of volunteers.  This is especially true of one organization, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which relies greatly on local volunteers and business professionals to bring their experience and expertise to the next generation of business owners.

Successful entrepreneur and new author Tony Hartl has given so much to his local NFTE chapter. I had the opportunity to talked with Mr. Hartl, Laura Maczka, the Executive Director of the Dallas area NFTE, as well as Philadelphia area NFTE Executive Director, Sylvia McKinney about why teaching entrepreneurship to students is so important.

To learn more about Tony Hartl's book, visit

To learn more about NFTE, visit their website at


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